Monday, January 18, 2010

it been a while~~

heloo~~ been a while rite.. since da last post...huhu dont really have time to update..n dont hve interesting topic to share...huhu..

but today is 25/1...abg iwan's bday~~hooyea!!! hapy bday to u..hapi bday to u~~~
tp sorry la.. no present for ader senyuman yg paling mhal ni utk abg iwan.. :) hahaha!!
da tue da jgn mgemokkn bdn jer..hahaha...ble mau kawen??? hahaha

it just 2 days ago..mama's bday~~hehe...adik ader beli beg utk mak..hehe
go back home wif nasa..having dinner together wif bday women..hehe
wpon mkn kt serdang jer x pe la..
jnji mama kn...

to mama n abg iwan...smoga pnjg umo n dimurahkn rezeki...
leh la blnje adik nnt...haha
adik doakan mama ngn abg iwan sentiasa tenang n ceria~~
utk abg iwan adik doakn cpt2 kwen..

syg mama sgt~~


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

nasa jht

nape pg bmandi mnda beramai2 x ajak kte...
xbek taw..cian kt kte..

pg ngn pina lak tu..lala pon ader..
za pon 1..xbgtaw pape pon...
xleh hrp btul..sengal!!

pastu leh lak show off gmbr2 yg xbrape nk mnarik kt kte..
agak x ptt la kn...
len kali kalo ader lg event yg besh jgn lupe ye nasaruddin..
sy nk turut serta..
sesungguhnya tnpa sy tiada la kemeriahan yg berganda..haha
( tgh frustrated neh)

tapak plz bank in da money k..
really need it now!!!

till nx post

dodot yg grm ngan nasa~~

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

nothing much to say


jz like the title..nothing much to say..haha.. sje nk update blog ni...
it already 2 weeks since the class started.. dis stupid registration problem is still going on..
stupid..stupid..myusahkn org jer..
have to do it all over again..aiyoh ~~manyak leceh la..nsib bek cek..
kalo tak msti smpai ble2 pon xtaw...da kt slip tu xder plak..
da sgt serius pg kelas aritu..da siap cri topic utk bel bagai..huhu
ecm pon sme gak...ish..ish..
just got da many papers..huhu..which include notes from da class which are not actually my class..huhu
bcoz of da registration failure..we ended up wif no morning class 2morrow..haha
besh..besh.. but i have class until 7 pm..xske..xske..

i hve to hve da tapak money right!!!
very sengkek oredy..plz la... i need da money..
so many stuff dat i have to buy..hve to..
so stress wif dis no money prob..
kinda jealous wif my fren..freely shopping n bought so many things..

tapak plzz make me happy~~

till nx post


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

happy~happy day!!

it been a while since last post ..hehe~~
been bz bcoz new sem started already..huh~
but it's nice 2 see few new faces around..
new story~~
hoorey!!(knn2 je gmbira) huhu

since i hve 1 subject to repeat..
it going to be a tough semester wif extra crdit hour
need 2 work harder..obviously~~hahaa
feel so stupid actually..(|.|)
but nvrmind.. hoping 4 da besh..hehe chayok2!!

hmm..will be back home dis weekend..
my sis must be the one who happy the most..bcoz of keboringn dye kt umh tu..
nothing to do.. jz waiting for me to coming back n lyn kerenah dye..huhu
stupid stuff..da whole usual..
not planning to do or to go anywhere since i have zero money and no kereta at home..
so..jgn tlalu mgharap ye adik2 ku syg...haha
dok umh mkn magi je la..huhu

tht all i think..