Sunday, January 23, 2011

love u mama~~~

yeay!!! happy bday mama!!!

wish all da happiness be wif u alwiz..
ank2 mama sygkn mama
thanks 4 everything tat u have done
sacrifice, tears,
joy n happiness
nothing can be compared
it all about ur pure love
tat raised me up
until now
not a single thing i could do in return
i will always be there 4 u

jz wanna say tat
i love u
we love u

pn simah husain

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

bgun~ gi sekolah!!!!

hai kwn2...hee (wah~~ happynyer..huhu)

da break is over peeps!!!huhu.. finally~~ it was exhausting..really!!
it is now begin a new semester..jz like any other semester b4 this.. but this time..oredy in my final year..sem 7 to be exact..yeah!! its only 1 more sem to go..insyallah~~ excluded this sem la kn..huhu
but i hve to score dis semester~~haih!! cuakzz!!!!

new challenge is going to be a very buzy semester i think~~ for this sem..i really need to think a lot more about my fyp.. need to prepare it earlier as i could..what i really need now is a lot more info on my studies.. it could be a big help..but first i hve to meet my supervisor.. to get a clearer picture on the topic..wat exactly im going to do..n how to do it... i really cant tell~~ coz i hve no idea wat its all about.. huhu.. really cant wait to finish my dgree..haih~~

however..i think i should not over think about it..jz go wif da flow la kn..hee.. enjoy ur life while u can..but in a good way la ofcoz... dont be so stress.. dont worry and be happy~~rite!! hehe

make ur journey as wonderful as possible~~ make it colourful.. there are no turning back.. live ur life..make a go0d choices.. make a great friend~~ find a true love~~and love urself~~

till then,