Sunday, November 28, 2010

its all go0d~~

hye again~~hee

dis story is about n them..

its been a long journey after we met.. started with fresh look, big smile,great jokes, sincere heart, fun days, enjoyable moment and nothing seem wrong..
days has passed..still having fun together, compete for highest mark in class, knows each other better, maybe fought a little bit here and there yet we still remain as friend..everything is fine between us...friends again..
years has passed..friend, still.. but there is something missing in dis relationship..
i wonder why it become so much different than before...try so hard to put a big smile on a face, jokes are not laughable anymore, everything looks fake to me.. so much drama..
try to figure out why it happen to us.. just need to think and looked back those day has passed..
wat im doing wrong~wat makes us so much in anger..wat torn our friendship apart..
lets not put the blame to others..thinks for ur own action..ur word maybe..
let figure it out together..
and be friend again.. like always..

this is the best part of our friendship.. no matter wat happen to us.. we always gonna be friend
and its all go0d~~


Saturday, November 13, 2010


assalamualaikum kwn2~~~hee

finally its time 2 rest!! from all da workload,PRESSURE!!!,EXAm!!!ohh thankz GOD..fuh~~
since it a long break, i really need to figure out wat should i do to avoid me from being killed bcoz of boringness..luckily my lil sis home early!! hee
well..mama n abh still doing their it just me n my lil sis at home..
i like to find a job..but maybe later...

having fun with farah, ecot, nanad and nani yesterday at playing roller blade~~huhu.. really enjoyed wif u oll~~
so wat da next plan?? wait till i have some money in my pocket yah!! haha
so depressed!! haih~~

jus got home 2 days ago actually..but i really missed mr.to0pus oredy~~huhu

till next post!!
love peace!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

bkt cerakah photo

hai~~ here some photo dat i promise to show to all of u~~
so much fun~~really had a great time together in such a nice sunny day!!!
enjoy da photo~~

Saturday, October 2, 2010


yeah~~finally signing in into my blog~~ haha very2 long time not updating~~
not much to say!! arghhh..finally got time to update but no story in my head!!
to many things happen us (me and my housemate) a critical time like dis.. there is always sumthing wrong sumway~~haih.. redha je la kn..
2 or 3 test in a week~~ really ridiculous!!! who can stand so much pressure in a single time~~
but we manage to get through all da co0baan~~alhmdulillah
really scared with wat my math result will turn out~~ not doing fine while jawab da question..really worried~~ (T.T)

recently my house have a kenduri doa selamat~~my parent going to haj dis 18..
hope they stay healthy there n blessed by Allah~~
i love u very strong~~hee

tomorrow we going to bkt cerakah~~ berbasikal bsama gadis2~~yeah!! hee
really looking forward to release all da tension in my head!!
chayok!chayok! hope really having fun tomorrow..
jz wait n see how it goes~~ (>.<)v

plan to take a lot of pic there~~ will upload some of it here..
:) ... wait for da post yah~~
mood: super excited!! hahaha

to all da girls~~ fully charge urself now~~ got a really go0d rest..
coz tomorrow, u will suffer to after cycling around da bukit2 k..haha

till then~~
dodotomei w

Friday, June 4, 2010

wat a long day~~haih


long time no see~~(>.<)..really tired after work.. n now we are really bz with all da workloads..
new stock coming in..returning old stock which are not very popular..( x laku la kn..) haha..
to many things to do.. even bz-er, when we need to change all da code bar to da new one..huhu
n da best part is that..we need to do it b4 july n only got 2-3 ppl at a time to done it..haih~~

my feet r killing me~ cant stand to stand anymore..haha..even 4 a minute..wish somebody come n urut2 my kaki now..huhu..besnye kn kalo blk2 keje ader org tlg urut kaki..haha

keep thinking of money to gain extra 'fulus' nih..really worried bout my future actually..
duit nk kawen lg..ish...serabotnyer!!!... bende bkn jd lg murah pon..haih~~
duit!!! come to mama...haha
really need side income now.. nk simpan wt kawen..haha

da la..pnt la..mau tido suda~~
gud nite

love peace


Friday, May 21, 2010


hi there... sorry 4 not updating my blog for a week.... been bz working~~huhu
(poyo je cm la keje engineer yg bz sgt tuh)..(>.<)v
padahal promoter je pon..hehe

its been a week since i started many ragam la sume org..haih~~letih nk lyn..ish2.. yg pompuan nye pelik2 perangai..yg laki plak sengal..
4 those yg working as promoter triumph at jusco bkt raja..hehe
jemput la dtg ye...starting tomorrow jusco having sales up to 70% until 20 june kot..jusco je la.. triumph xde sales k..haha

go back to da sengalness of mereka2 itu~~huhu
lady's first k..
as usual permanent promoter triumph hve to be chinese la kn..
discipline n all... xkesah la kn mmg cara dye keje cmtu.. bgus2..
but da problem is.. i really dont know y.. org len ske sgt buruk2 kn mereka ini (da chinese)..
n always influence me not to like them..but they r really nice to me..haih..
what else can i do..just shut up n listen..haha
see da bright side ok!!! chayok2!!

now.. da gentleman.. not very gentle at all..haha
today.. it almost 3/4 times since my first day.. one of them try to find out my phne num..
really disturbing..through other ppl.. it about 3 girls try to help lame..
sorry la taken oredy..:P
so try la kalo dapat~~huhu

so this is da real world out it not even a small piece of it..
this is just a much to much more to experience it.. ur eyes n ur mind.. take it as a challenge..
luv peace no war!!!


Sunday, May 9, 2010



dis is da begining of a new thing in my life... got a first job only a part time job actually...jd promoter je pon..haha..
really excited about it...super duper nervous...seriously!!!!
relax..relax dot...blum jd engineer lg..haha...

today is my first day...juz wait n see how it goes...luckily im no alone in dis war!! haha... nanad ade kt sblh je...try to be relax no matter wat will happen...huh~~
wish me luck!!!
hoping for da best!!! chayok!!

off to work!!!


Monday, April 26, 2010

fooling around~~ lalala

hye there!!!

we were juz come back from McD for breakfast n it is only 430 in da mrning..haha..
its very early to having bfast btw..huhu.. thnks to ecot dat make me n nanad couldn't sleep till now..after a long nite talking about everything dat comes to mind plus extra merepek-repek..and suddenly it oredy it not really a important topic actually..and non of it related to work/study 4 sure..juz fooling around n kacau nanad tido..haha... cian nanad~~haha sowy ye!!
after talk n talk n talk...then our perot starting to bunyi2 la kn...haha..we sneaked out n find sumthing to eat n end up at McD la 4 sure..we lovin it~~haha
rmai giler kot kt McD...everybody stay up whole nite studying for their final exam..
chayok!! but we only comes for da food~~haha itadakimas~~hehe

b4 we get home..drove around dataran 1st for fun..wee~~ then we sneaked back into our room and pretend like nothing happen..shhhh~~ hahaha

enough for now..time to sleep~~
nite but it oredy morning..huhu


Friday, April 16, 2010

hello again~~

hello everyone!!!

at home rite now~~ huh~~ finally got sum time to relax, baring2, n tdo spuas2nye..
after done all da assgnment, projct, test n everything.
it is a super bz weeks for all of us..jz look at our face u will find it out~~ tired, sleepy,such a mess faces..haih~ everybody were really bz shooting their short movie for 3rd lguage task~~stay up all nite to finish all da editing work..lucky 4 us we were finished. sum r not..still working so hard..chayok2 guys!!!

its not really a study week just our first paper will start a bit late from others n it give us about a week to put us into da real "study mood"~~huhu
time to enjoy a bit~~ release stress n do whatever i like..hehe

since i oredy got a car~~looks like u will not see me at home very often i guess.. even i dun have one im not at home for most of da time~~huhu
dis monday oredy plan to go to sunway wif my fren..after anta german project la of coz... ice skating~~yeay!!! so excited.. i tot i wanna bring my sis together wif us...hehe..she must really excited about it!!hehe

tht all i guess..till next post~~


Friday, April 9, 2010


hello everybody!!!
meet again after i don know when da last time i post sumthing..huhu
been bz.. test..test..test..non stop kot~~haih!!

a lots of thing happen..hmm.. sum r gud..sum r not~~
but just a few hour ago we got back from i-city at s.alam..wee~~ super colourful kot!!
best sgt..take a lot of pic!! i will post sum of it later~~
sbnrnyer housemate da lme request nk pg..huhu lg2 nanad...
finally we got there with a big help from DAHLIA da driver~~(>_<) hehe
n really enjoyed taking all da pic wif everyone..nice~~
really having a great time with them..
then.. nasa fetch me at hakim..jln2 ngn dye plak..hehe..mmg best arini..bjalan jer..
a bit tired actually but still have strength to stay up to update this blog..hehe
going back tomorrow~~yeay!!! nk g tgk sek nani...hehe

i got my not so new car recently..huhu..but it still a car...gen2 baby blue~~leh thn la..
but ade yg nk kne repair lg tu.. huhu..esk blk trus anta bengkel...haha
bill= abah>>>hahaha
sgt byk mkn myk kete tu...haih...abesla duit aku!!!(nasib bdn~~) long as it can move then its ok~~haha i don mind~~

bout a week..steamix kt umah xleh gne.. my laptop also not very supportive..lembab giler... sign to buy a new 1..haha
x keruan sume org xder intenet...mmg lme la x lyn fb..huhu
update blog apetah lg~~huhu
after calling n calling operator steamix tu..xtaw da bape kali cal.. akhirnyer bjaya mnyembuhknnyer smula...alhamdulillah...everyone happy~~(",)

happy ending~~ i ske happy2 ending neh..hahaha
hmm...that all i guess...
till next post~~

>> dodotomei <<


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

gud news people!!!! hahaha



got internet at home it gonna be so bz surfin da net from now on..haha balas dndm la kn..haha~~~thnks a lot to our tn umah yg begitu baik hati lg memahami~~thnks a million!!!
very desperate to use it actually.. bel,ecm,german,facebook...haha~~

more great news~~
nani finally got accepted to mrsm which she really loking forwrd to...
very proud of u lil sis..huhu
but... mybe it will be a lttle tough in there..
xleh bgn lmbt...displin skit.. pndai2 jga diri tu~~
jgn kne buli lak...buli org xpe..hahaha~~

ina will be so happy tomorrow~~ lolipop will be urs finally~~haha
but must go through hard time first...
spm result tomorrow~~gud luck!!! haha
10 a's dlm tgn kan...haha~~

till next post~~
gutenacht everbody~~

Saturday, February 6, 2010

macam2 btul la~~huh

the whole week is very unlucky 4 me..very2 disturbing..wif all da sudden test..ari sbtu lak tu..huhu
mncabar btul...stress!! huh.. leh gdh2 lg time2 cmni..test pon cm ape je..pnt taw xtdo..aiyah~~mmg sgt stress!! btw its all past oredy..i manage to go through the worst week ever..huh~~lega..the gud news is..tapak oredy make me vry hapie~~thanks tapak!! skrg leh la shoping puas2..haha
but hve to clear all my debt 1st..huhu...mlayang duit aku byr utang jer..sengal.. but yet im very hapie for da good news.. xde la mntak2 lg kt mak..slamat duit mak..haha..but now i hve to manage da money wisely.. so many things i wanna buy actually..wish can buy it all..all of them..but it seems like it will cost me a lot,so..hve to cut some of it..xnk cut la just postpone dulu je til nasa got his pt..hehe ada can nk pau skit..haha (gelak jahat) :p

oredy promise my skating..hmm... cmner ek.. i really wanna try it actually..really2 looking forward to it..haha.. since i never ever have a chance to try it once in my whole life.. i got myself excited oredy.. :p sape nk ikot?? skating beramai2!! hehe..but..but da prob is.. it hard 4 me to go back home since i oredy sent waja home last week cause kakti nk gne sgt now.. im stuck in s.alam for a sape yg nk ajak tu la pttnya fetch i kt sni~~haha.. kalo nk blk pon kne ader org jmput...agak leceh la..saving money gak stuck je kt umah sewa ni..bgus2!!chewah.... huh~~( mngeluh sbnarnye neh).. ish~~sy ske jln2 la!! arghh!! :(

teha sakit!! argh!! sgt2 been a month..yes!! a month since she got da fever.. and it getting worst till now..
last night we hve to sent teha to clinic immediately..huhu high blood pressure increase.. smpai mntah2..tkt tgk dye..ubat dye pon smkin byk..smlm bru g u. kesihatan uitm..mlm td g klinik lg..huhu...cian dye.. go go teha!! get well soon okie!! nx week sgt byk test.. hope u will get better extremely fast.. :)
about last night~~sent teha to klinik at jln kt s7 s.alam near barra tu..super jem..giler skt ati.. bape layer da kete kat 1 lorong tu.. ngn kete parking blapis2..waiting pon bragak la x grk lgsg..da tgk jln to jam gerak la pusing 1 round ker..jgn la bg lg truk jem nyer..mmg sengal giler..argh!! tension!!! tkut jer da la bwk kete org..kete pinjam..huhu.. nsb bek xder pape..huh~~
mari kte sume bdoa spya teha baik dr skt nyer~~okie :0

l0ve peace no war!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

it been a while~~

heloo~~ been a while rite.. since da last post...huhu dont really have time to update..n dont hve interesting topic to share...huhu..

but today is 25/1...abg iwan's bday~~hooyea!!! hapy bday to u..hapi bday to u~~~
tp sorry la.. no present for ader senyuman yg paling mhal ni utk abg iwan.. :) hahaha!!
da tue da jgn mgemokkn bdn jer..hahaha...ble mau kawen??? hahaha

it just 2 days ago..mama's bday~~hehe...adik ader beli beg utk mak..hehe
go back home wif nasa..having dinner together wif bday women..hehe
wpon mkn kt serdang jer x pe la..
jnji mama kn...

to mama n abg iwan...smoga pnjg umo n dimurahkn rezeki...
leh la blnje adik nnt...haha
adik doakan mama ngn abg iwan sentiasa tenang n ceria~~
utk abg iwan adik doakn cpt2 kwen..

syg mama sgt~~


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

nasa jht

nape pg bmandi mnda beramai2 x ajak kte...
xbek taw..cian kt kte..

pg ngn pina lak tu..lala pon ader..
za pon 1..xbgtaw pape pon...
xleh hrp btul..sengal!!

pastu leh lak show off gmbr2 yg xbrape nk mnarik kt kte..
agak x ptt la kn...
len kali kalo ader lg event yg besh jgn lupe ye nasaruddin..
sy nk turut serta..
sesungguhnya tnpa sy tiada la kemeriahan yg berganda..haha
( tgh frustrated neh)

tapak plz bank in da money k..
really need it now!!!

till nx post

dodot yg grm ngan nasa~~

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

nothing much to say


jz like the title..nothing much to say..haha.. sje nk update blog ni...
it already 2 weeks since the class started.. dis stupid registration problem is still going on..
stupid..stupid..myusahkn org jer..
have to do it all over again..aiyoh ~~manyak leceh la..nsib bek cek..
kalo tak msti smpai ble2 pon xtaw...da kt slip tu xder plak..
da sgt serius pg kelas aritu..da siap cri topic utk bel bagai..huhu
ecm pon sme gak...ish..ish..
just got da many papers..huhu..which include notes from da class which are not actually my class..huhu
bcoz of da registration failure..we ended up wif no morning class 2morrow..haha
besh..besh.. but i have class until 7 pm..xske..xske..

i hve to hve da tapak money right!!!
very sengkek oredy..plz la... i need da money..
so many stuff dat i have to buy..hve to..
so stress wif dis no money prob..
kinda jealous wif my fren..freely shopping n bought so many things..

tapak plzz make me happy~~

till nx post


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

happy~happy day!!

it been a while since last post ..hehe~~
been bz bcoz new sem started already..huh~
but it's nice 2 see few new faces around..
new story~~
hoorey!!(knn2 je gmbira) huhu

since i hve 1 subject to repeat..
it going to be a tough semester wif extra crdit hour
need 2 work harder..obviously~~hahaa
feel so stupid actually..(|.|)
but nvrmind.. hoping 4 da besh..hehe chayok2!!

hmm..will be back home dis weekend..
my sis must be the one who happy the most..bcoz of keboringn dye kt umh tu..
nothing to do.. jz waiting for me to coming back n lyn kerenah dye..huhu
stupid stuff..da whole usual..
not planning to do or to go anywhere since i have zero money and no kereta at home..
so..jgn tlalu mgharap ye adik2 ku syg...haha
dok umh mkn magi je la..huhu

tht all i think..