Friday, October 22, 2010

bkt cerakah photo

hai~~ here some photo dat i promise to show to all of u~~
so much fun~~really had a great time together in such a nice sunny day!!!
enjoy da photo~~

Saturday, October 2, 2010


yeah~~finally signing in into my blog~~ haha very2 long time not updating~~
not much to say!! arghhh..finally got time to update but no story in my head!!
to many things happen us (me and my housemate) a critical time like dis.. there is always sumthing wrong sumway~~haih.. redha je la kn..
2 or 3 test in a week~~ really ridiculous!!! who can stand so much pressure in a single time~~
but we manage to get through all da co0baan~~alhmdulillah
really scared with wat my math result will turn out~~ not doing fine while jawab da question..really worried~~ (T.T)

recently my house have a kenduri doa selamat~~my parent going to haj dis 18..
hope they stay healthy there n blessed by Allah~~
i love u very strong~~hee

tomorrow we going to bkt cerakah~~ berbasikal bsama gadis2~~yeah!! hee
really looking forward to release all da tension in my head!!
chayok!chayok! hope really having fun tomorrow..
jz wait n see how it goes~~ (>.<)v

plan to take a lot of pic there~~ will upload some of it here..
:) ... wait for da post yah~~
mood: super excited!! hahaha

to all da girls~~ fully charge urself now~~ got a really go0d rest..
coz tomorrow, u will suffer to after cycling around da bukit2 k..haha

till then~~
dodotomei w