Monday, April 26, 2010

fooling around~~ lalala

hye there!!!

we were juz come back from McD for breakfast n it is only 430 in da mrning..haha..
its very early to having bfast btw..huhu.. thnks to ecot dat make me n nanad couldn't sleep till now..after a long nite talking about everything dat comes to mind plus extra merepek-repek..and suddenly it oredy it not really a important topic actually..and non of it related to work/study 4 sure..juz fooling around n kacau nanad tido..haha... cian nanad~~haha sowy ye!!
after talk n talk n talk...then our perot starting to bunyi2 la kn...haha..we sneaked out n find sumthing to eat n end up at McD la 4 sure..we lovin it~~haha
rmai giler kot kt McD...everybody stay up whole nite studying for their final exam..
chayok!! but we only comes for da food~~haha itadakimas~~hehe

b4 we get home..drove around dataran 1st for fun..wee~~ then we sneaked back into our room and pretend like nothing happen..shhhh~~ hahaha

enough for now..time to sleep~~
nite but it oredy morning..huhu


Friday, April 16, 2010

hello again~~

hello everyone!!!

at home rite now~~ huh~~ finally got sum time to relax, baring2, n tdo spuas2nye..
after done all da assgnment, projct, test n everything.
it is a super bz weeks for all of us..jz look at our face u will find it out~~ tired, sleepy,such a mess faces..haih~ everybody were really bz shooting their short movie for 3rd lguage task~~stay up all nite to finish all da editing work..lucky 4 us we were finished. sum r not..still working so hard..chayok2 guys!!!

its not really a study week just our first paper will start a bit late from others n it give us about a week to put us into da real "study mood"~~huhu
time to enjoy a bit~~ release stress n do whatever i like..hehe

since i oredy got a car~~looks like u will not see me at home very often i guess.. even i dun have one im not at home for most of da time~~huhu
dis monday oredy plan to go to sunway wif my fren..after anta german project la of coz... ice skating~~yeay!!! so excited.. i tot i wanna bring my sis together wif us...hehe..she must really excited about it!!hehe

tht all i guess..till next post~~


Friday, April 9, 2010


hello everybody!!!
meet again after i don know when da last time i post sumthing..huhu
been bz.. test..test..test..non stop kot~~haih!!

a lots of thing happen..hmm.. sum r gud..sum r not~~
but just a few hour ago we got back from i-city at s.alam..wee~~ super colourful kot!!
best sgt..take a lot of pic!! i will post sum of it later~~
sbnrnyer housemate da lme request nk pg..huhu lg2 nanad...
finally we got there with a big help from DAHLIA da driver~~(>_<) hehe
n really enjoyed taking all da pic wif everyone..nice~~
really having a great time with them..
then.. nasa fetch me at hakim..jln2 ngn dye plak..hehe..mmg best arini..bjalan jer..
a bit tired actually but still have strength to stay up to update this blog..hehe
going back tomorrow~~yeay!!! nk g tgk sek nani...hehe

i got my not so new car recently..huhu..but it still a car...gen2 baby blue~~leh thn la..
but ade yg nk kne repair lg tu.. huhu..esk blk trus anta bengkel...haha
bill= abah>>>hahaha
sgt byk mkn myk kete tu...haih...abesla duit aku!!!(nasib bdn~~) long as it can move then its ok~~haha i don mind~~

bout a week..steamix kt umah xleh gne.. my laptop also not very supportive..lembab giler... sign to buy a new 1..haha
x keruan sume org xder intenet...mmg lme la x lyn fb..huhu
update blog apetah lg~~huhu
after calling n calling operator steamix tu..xtaw da bape kali cal.. akhirnyer bjaya mnyembuhknnyer smula...alhamdulillah...everyone happy~~(",)

happy ending~~ i ske happy2 ending neh..hahaha
hmm...that all i guess...
till next post~~

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