Friday, May 21, 2010


hi there... sorry 4 not updating my blog for a week.... been bz working~~huhu
(poyo je cm la keje engineer yg bz sgt tuh)..(>.<)v
padahal promoter je pon..hehe

its been a week since i started many ragam la sume org..haih~~letih nk lyn..ish2.. yg pompuan nye pelik2 perangai..yg laki plak sengal..
4 those yg working as promoter triumph at jusco bkt raja..hehe
jemput la dtg ye...starting tomorrow jusco having sales up to 70% until 20 june kot..jusco je la.. triumph xde sales k..haha

go back to da sengalness of mereka2 itu~~huhu
lady's first k..
as usual permanent promoter triumph hve to be chinese la kn..
discipline n all... xkesah la kn mmg cara dye keje cmtu.. bgus2..
but da problem is.. i really dont know y.. org len ske sgt buruk2 kn mereka ini (da chinese)..
n always influence me not to like them..but they r really nice to me..haih..
what else can i do..just shut up n listen..haha
see da bright side ok!!! chayok2!!

now.. da gentleman.. not very gentle at all..haha
today.. it almost 3/4 times since my first day.. one of them try to find out my phne num..
really disturbing..through other ppl.. it about 3 girls try to help lame..
sorry la taken oredy..:P
so try la kalo dapat~~huhu

so this is da real world out it not even a small piece of it..
this is just a much to much more to experience it.. ur eyes n ur mind.. take it as a challenge..
luv peace no war!!!


Sunday, May 9, 2010



dis is da begining of a new thing in my life... got a first job only a part time job actually...jd promoter je pon..haha..
really excited about it...super duper nervous...seriously!!!!
relax..relax dot...blum jd engineer lg..haha...

today is my first day...juz wait n see how it goes...luckily im no alone in dis war!! haha... nanad ade kt sblh je...try to be relax no matter wat will happen...huh~~
wish me luck!!!
hoping for da best!!! chayok!!

off to work!!!