Wednesday, March 10, 2010

gud news people!!!! hahaha



got internet at home it gonna be so bz surfin da net from now on..haha balas dndm la kn..haha~~~thnks a lot to our tn umah yg begitu baik hati lg memahami~~thnks a million!!!
very desperate to use it actually.. bel,ecm,german,facebook...haha~~

more great news~~
nani finally got accepted to mrsm which she really loking forwrd to...
very proud of u lil sis..huhu
but... mybe it will be a lttle tough in there..
xleh bgn lmbt...displin skit.. pndai2 jga diri tu~~
jgn kne buli lak...buli org xpe..hahaha~~

ina will be so happy tomorrow~~ lolipop will be urs finally~~haha
but must go through hard time first...
spm result tomorrow~~gud luck!!! haha
10 a's dlm tgn kan...haha~~

till next post~~
gutenacht everbody~~