Friday, May 27, 2011



we meet again..finally~~haha.. its not that im to0 bz to write actually.. but hmm let jz say im to0 lazy..haih.. bek xpyh ade blog kn..!! rse cm 6 bln skali kot bru update blog.. sory~~ :P

ok!!! 1st thing that i wan to share wif u is that i currently undergo industrial training, (prctical la kn senang cite..huhu..) at PESONA METRO. it is a construction company k.. dont misjudge by its name..haa~ name glamor cm MODELLING AGENCY..haha... works everyday at 8am-5pm except for sunday (dpt la rehat sehari..hmm.. dr xde kn..) and sgt jeles ngn kwn2 yg kje smpai jumaat je~~haih... xpela..nk wt cmne..hmm.. but the best part is... im working wif my to0pus.. :) so.. everyday is like a rainbow to me~~ haha (bhgianye..wee!!) walaupon ari2 dok tgh panas.. at least ade la penyejuk ati~~ haha (poyo je )

now.. oredy 2 week at the site (ampang), n fyi the project is to built a exclusive kondo which having 11 floor and 3 basement with all the facilities at jln ampang 2. PESONA METRO act as a main con and currently strutting and excavation is on progress

saya da gelap~~ :( a bit darker than b4..especially my face and hand..da bebelang da..sdey nyee~~lme2 sme cm kongsi kong pye kulit daa~~xmo0!!!

sbnrnye kitorg bkn la byk kje sgt pon~~huhu.. tgk2 site.. trn naik..trn naik.. g minum kt blkg~~haha tp still ade byk yg leh diplajari di site~~mcm2 ade~~
dis is really an exciting experience for us.. sgt besyukur dpt kt sni.. hopefully lg byk yg leh blaja pas ni.. n da construction team are very helpful n friendly.. looking forward for new day new adventure new knowledge..

love peace no war!!

Monday, February 7, 2011



stressed all over my brain.. cant think of anything!!! argh!! hate dis feelling...
but need to study.. 1st test is coming up dis wed.. i wish there is more time..
actually time given is long enough with 1 whole week holiday but then the whole time i spent it doing nothing..huhu.. pdn mukee~~
and now.. cm da xleh nk duduk diam da..cuak!!

my to0pus is not being found..missing in action..ape dye wat ntah dr ptg senyap sunyi je..haih...
my hand cannot stop dialing ~~ yet still cannot find u..
haih~~ bape kali mgeluh ntah!!

k la..till then

Sunday, January 23, 2011

love u mama~~~

yeay!!! happy bday mama!!!

wish all da happiness be wif u alwiz..
ank2 mama sygkn mama
thanks 4 everything tat u have done
sacrifice, tears,
joy n happiness
nothing can be compared
it all about ur pure love
tat raised me up
until now
not a single thing i could do in return
i will always be there 4 u

jz wanna say tat
i love u
we love u

pn simah husain

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

bgun~ gi sekolah!!!!

hai kwn2...hee (wah~~ happynyer..huhu)

da break is over peeps!!!huhu.. finally~~ it was exhausting..really!!
it is now begin a new semester..jz like any other semester b4 this.. but this time..oredy in my final year..sem 7 to be exact..yeah!! its only 1 more sem to go..insyallah~~ excluded this sem la kn..huhu
but i hve to score dis semester~~haih!! cuakzz!!!!

new challenge is going to be a very buzy semester i think~~ for this sem..i really need to think a lot more about my fyp.. need to prepare it earlier as i could..what i really need now is a lot more info on my studies.. it could be a big help..but first i hve to meet my supervisor.. to get a clearer picture on the topic..wat exactly im going to do..n how to do it... i really cant tell~~ coz i hve no idea wat its all about.. huhu.. really cant wait to finish my dgree..haih~~

however..i think i should not over think about it..jz go wif da flow la kn..hee.. enjoy ur life while u can..but in a good way la ofcoz... dont be so stress.. dont worry and be happy~~rite!! hehe

make ur journey as wonderful as possible~~ make it colourful.. there are no turning back.. live ur life..make a go0d choices.. make a great friend~~ find a true love~~and love urself~~

till then,