Friday, May 27, 2011



we meet again..finally~~haha.. its not that im to0 bz to write actually.. but hmm let jz say im to0 lazy..haih.. bek xpyh ade blog kn..!! rse cm 6 bln skali kot bru update blog.. sory~~ :P

ok!!! 1st thing that i wan to share wif u is that i currently undergo industrial training, (prctical la kn senang cite..huhu..) at PESONA METRO. it is a construction company k.. dont misjudge by its name..haa~ name glamor cm MODELLING AGENCY..haha... works everyday at 8am-5pm except for sunday (dpt la rehat sehari..hmm.. dr xde kn..) and sgt jeles ngn kwn2 yg kje smpai jumaat je~~haih... xpela..nk wt cmne..hmm.. but the best part is... im working wif my to0pus.. :) so.. everyday is like a rainbow to me~~ haha (bhgianye..wee!!) walaupon ari2 dok tgh panas.. at least ade la penyejuk ati~~ haha (poyo je )

now.. oredy 2 week at the site (ampang), n fyi the project is to built a exclusive kondo which having 11 floor and 3 basement with all the facilities at jln ampang 2. PESONA METRO act as a main con and currently strutting and excavation is on progress

saya da gelap~~ :( a bit darker than b4..especially my face and hand..da bebelang da..sdey nyee~~lme2 sme cm kongsi kong pye kulit daa~~xmo0!!!

sbnrnye kitorg bkn la byk kje sgt pon~~huhu.. tgk2 site.. trn naik..trn naik.. g minum kt blkg~~haha tp still ade byk yg leh diplajari di site~~mcm2 ade~~
dis is really an exciting experience for us.. sgt besyukur dpt kt sni.. hopefully lg byk yg leh blaja pas ni.. n da construction team are very helpful n friendly.. looking forward for new day new adventure new knowledge..

love peace no war!!


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