Sunday, November 28, 2010

its all go0d~~

hye again~~hee

dis story is about n them..

its been a long journey after we met.. started with fresh look, big smile,great jokes, sincere heart, fun days, enjoyable moment and nothing seem wrong..
days has passed..still having fun together, compete for highest mark in class, knows each other better, maybe fought a little bit here and there yet we still remain as friend..everything is fine between us...friends again..
years has passed..friend, still.. but there is something missing in dis relationship..
i wonder why it become so much different than before...try so hard to put a big smile on a face, jokes are not laughable anymore, everything looks fake to me.. so much drama..
try to figure out why it happen to us.. just need to think and looked back those day has passed..
wat im doing wrong~wat makes us so much in anger..wat torn our friendship apart..
lets not put the blame to others..thinks for ur own action..ur word maybe..
let figure it out together..
and be friend again.. like always..

this is the best part of our friendship.. no matter wat happen to us.. we always gonna be friend
and its all go0d~~


Saturday, November 13, 2010


assalamualaikum kwn2~~~hee

finally its time 2 rest!! from all da workload,PRESSURE!!!,EXAm!!!ohh thankz GOD..fuh~~
since it a long break, i really need to figure out wat should i do to avoid me from being killed bcoz of boringness..luckily my lil sis home early!! hee
well..mama n abh still doing their it just me n my lil sis at home..
i like to find a job..but maybe later...

having fun with farah, ecot, nanad and nani yesterday at playing roller blade~~huhu.. really enjoyed wif u oll~~
so wat da next plan?? wait till i have some money in my pocket yah!! haha
so depressed!! haih~~

jus got home 2 days ago actually..but i really missed mr.to0pus oredy~~huhu

till next post!!
love peace!!