Saturday, November 13, 2010


assalamualaikum kwn2~~~hee

finally its time 2 rest!! from all da workload,PRESSURE!!!,EXAm!!!ohh thankz GOD..fuh~~
since it a long break, i really need to figure out wat should i do to avoid me from being killed bcoz of boringness..luckily my lil sis home early!! hee
well..mama n abh still doing their it just me n my lil sis at home..
i like to find a job..but maybe later...

having fun with farah, ecot, nanad and nani yesterday at playing roller blade~~huhu.. really enjoyed wif u oll~~
so wat da next plan?? wait till i have some money in my pocket yah!! haha
so depressed!! haih~~

jus got home 2 days ago actually..but i really missed mr.to0pus oredy~~huhu

till next post!!
love peace!!


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