Friday, June 4, 2010

wat a long day~~haih


long time no see~~(>.<)..really tired after work.. n now we are really bz with all da workloads..
new stock coming in..returning old stock which are not very popular..( x laku la kn..) haha..
to many things to do.. even bz-er, when we need to change all da code bar to da new one..huhu
n da best part is that..we need to do it b4 july n only got 2-3 ppl at a time to done it..haih~~

my feet r killing me~ cant stand to stand anymore..haha..even 4 a minute..wish somebody come n urut2 my kaki now..huhu..besnye kn kalo blk2 keje ader org tlg urut kaki..haha

keep thinking of money to gain extra 'fulus' nih..really worried bout my future actually..
duit nk kawen lg..ish...serabotnyer!!!... bende bkn jd lg murah pon..haih~~
duit!!! come to mama...haha
really need side income now.. nk simpan wt kawen..haha

da la..pnt la..mau tido suda~~
gud nite

love peace